WIP: Raid Runners Card Game

Raid Runners is a tactical card game where players build a main operative’s stats using equipment and then use those stats with abilities to deal damage to an opponent or to dodge an attack. Their operative is one of three classes: Military, Bounty Hunter, or Assassin. Each class has different stats and different class abilities. This game has a 3D printed labeled peg board for the players to keep track of their operatives stats. Above are the current versions.

The first iterations of the cards were all done by hand out of some thicker paper from my sketchbook.


Once the cards were done and legible enough to be able to use. I focused on prototyping the game board. This design was well received as a concept. In practice it barely worked. The sliders were a good idea and worked well but the health dial was hard to turn and read.


When I got the game board prototype finished I went on to printing the cards. In order to do this I had to first digitize them. Using Affinity Designer I made the border and info sections of the cards. I also designed icons for the different classes. Bullets for Military, badge for Bounty Hunter, and dagger for Assassin. There is currently only Military and Assassin classes.


After taking the cards from paper to print, it was time to do the same with the stat counter. For the first iteration I designed a board that used sliders and a spinner just like the paper prototype. I only changed the position of the health spinner. The numbers were hard to get into the design so for this they were still written on the plastic. This design was too small and still difficult to use.


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After receiving a lot of player input on the board I decided to make a drastic change. Instead of using sliders and an spinner. There is a now a peg hole for each relevant number for the stats, and the health is now kept track of elsewhere. This design did not make it to print but he idea was well received.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.52.02 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.52.17 PM

The next iteration of the board had the health back on. The placement of the numbers and the amount of numbers changed. The idea of a checkpoint system came up so I made enough numbers for players to be able to easily guess the values of other peg holes. The font is too small on this iteration and the 3D printers were not able to print numbers that small. the text was not as bad and is still readable. The pegs were printed at too large of a scale.


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This is the current iteration of the peg board. The text was kept the same but the size of the numbers was increased. In order to compensate for the larger numbers, I had to change the scale of each stat to be from 0 to 20. This design used the same pegs printed at a smaller scale. This will be play tested soon.

20180524_151042Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 2.53.22 PM

Thank you for reading.

-Jacob Villa


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